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The five types of cabinetry you’ll meet in a showroom

Generally in our industry, there are five levels of cabinetry according to quality and price points. Answering the question of much your kitchen will cost will depend largely on which level of cabinetry is best suited to your needs and preferences.

The starting point for every kitchen, the structure of the room, is its cabinetry. Kitchen cabinet designs are customizable to meet specific needs, whether you’re a wine collector, a pastry chef or a family of nine. Specialty cabinets and accessories are available to match your style and organizational needs.

The first decision to make about cabinetry is which type will work best for you. Kitchen cabinets are available in three levels of specialization and price:

Stock cabinets come in standard sizes and shapes, and are usually available to take home from the store the same day or just a few days later. Sizes and styles are limited with stock cabinetry, but the price is right for remodeling on a budget.

Semi-custom cabinets are built after you order them, so you can choose from certain sizes and styles. That flexibility makes it easier to design a kitchen that fits your particular requirements. Semi-custom cabinetry usually requires a longer lead time for delivery than stock and are a little more expensive.

Custom cabinets are made by hand to fit almost any standard you require. An odd-sized or irregular-shaped space in your kitchen might not accommodate a stock or semi-custom piece, but a custom cabinetmaker starting from scratch can build nearly anything you need. Custom cabinets are the most expensive of the three types; the exact price varies widely because of size, materials and options. The time it takes to receive a custom-cabinet order depends on the cabinetmaker’s schedule.