What kind of products do you provide?
We provide mainly custom American-made cabinetry, however, we have the contacts and resources for every room in your home. All of our cabinets can be produced in unlimited sizes, configurations, and finishes. Some of our lines are more flexible and customizable than others, but we do not have any cabinets in stock. Our product price range goes from mid-range to upper end, depending on the product. We create a unique design with your needs and preferences in mind.

We custom design all the projects that we produce. Broward Custom Kitchen's vast range of kitchen and bath cabinets allow our clients to select from a wide variety of standard and custom door styles, materials and finishes available. We also have a full-service shop on our premises where our skilled craftsmen fabricate, modify, and finish pieces as needed.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we absolutely are. We are licensed on more levels than most remodelers or contractors. We furnish any license and insurance information upon request at time of contract to the homeowner, homeowner's association or contractor.

Do you provide installation services for your products?
Yes, we install 95% of the custom cabinets we provide. We have the best custom cabinet installers in the South Florida area. We only use installers who have been trained to work with our product. We also can provide cabinetry without installation services if the clients have their own installers or live in another state. If this is the case, we provide support services just as we would if we were doing the installation ourselves.

Do you reface or recover existing cabinets?
Very rarely do we provide new doors and drawer fronts for existing cabinetry. There are a number of issues to consider in order to determine whether or not we would provide this service or whether it is a sound financial decision for the homeowner. We can do this with a thorough inspection of the existing cabinetry. Many times a resurfacing job can cost 50-80% of the total cost of a new kitchen because resurfacing is very labor intensive. Cabinetry will never have the same bond or finishes provided at the state-of-the-art factories that our cabinets are built in. This coupled with the fact that the client is subconsciously expecting a "new" kitchen, results in disappointment in the final product, especially when they have paid so much.

Do you provide plywood interiors for your cabinetry?
Yes, we have plywood on every product we carry in the showroom. Plywood is generally always an upgrade, however, it has many advantageous properties if the client needs them. Plywood should be covered by shelf paper in order to protect the wood veneer from scratching. Our particleboard interiors with melamine are an excellent choice with no upcharge and many clients actually prefer them for the dimensional stability and longevity of the melamine with no need for shelf paper. Even our standard particleboard is a safer, regulated material over a Chinese-manufactured plywood cabinet.

Do I need to set up an appointment or can I just come in?
We welcome you to come in anytime without an appointment, however, scheduling an appointment ahead of time ensures that you will get the undivided attention of one of our designers, if you make an appointment with them. For detailed kitchen, bathroom or custom furniture designs, getting to know our clients and their needs is essential. Either way, we will make certain that your needs are addressed.

Do I need to bring in my own plans or will you create a design for me?
Design services are a large part of what we offer. It is one of our greatest strengths. We just need wall dimensions or blue prints and your ideas to begin the process (We will come to your residence to confirm dimensions). We provide an estimate at no cost, however, to begin an intensive design phase, we require a retainer fee that is refundable with the purchase of the project. We believe the design for any custom cabinetry or built-in furniture is best achieved as a collaborative effort between the client and the designer. After all, you know best what you need, how you live, what you like, etc. But you also need a professional to help you put it all together.

How long does it take to get cabinets?
It depends on the type of cabinets you are looking for. Some of our custom cabinets are available in 6-8 weeks; some take as much as 10-12 weeks. Depending on your style, we may have some items that can quick ship though styles and colors will be limited. Usually the more quality-constructed cabinets will be a longer lead-time. The most important thing to remember is that the sooner we start, the sooner we can get you your custom cabinetry. Like most other high quality products, high quality kitchen cabinets or high quality bathroom cabinets are made with a great deal of attention to detail which takes more time than standard cabinets.

How long does a remodel take?
Remodels vary on the scope of work being done. While a simple kitchen replacement can be done within a few weeks, a full remodel can take four to six months. This question is best asked for your individual job, as so many variables exist.

Do I need permits for the work I'm doing?
In order to find out if permits are necessary, you will need to call your city of residence. Generally, kitchen and bath remodels do need permits. We are equipped to handle permits easily and efficiently, however, you can use another contractor or pull your permits by owner.

What if I do not pull permits?
If you do not pull permits and get caught doing work, you will pay a fine and have to go through the permit process anyway. Anything not done to code will have to be brought up to code. Also, when you go to sell your home, you will have to disclose work without a permit to the buyer.

How much are permits?
Very few cities give this information out readily. We keep records of every permit we pull in the different cities so we can give you an estimate of your permit fees.

Do permits delay the job?
When a job is permitted, permits can take weeks to get. After we receive permits and commence work, we have to have inspections set up at each critical junction. Inspections are called in for the next day, generally, and once an inspection passes, we may resume work. Each different city establishes their own requirements based on the Florida Building Code so what may pass in one city will be different in another. Add to this that each inspector has their own way they would like things done and you can easily see how this process can delay your job. Also, cities can change what needs to be done during the course of the job. This can impact the schedule, the budget and both of our patience.

Do you have references?
We have numerous references available to our clients. Our clients are thrilled with our products and services. They include homeowners, but also interior designers, contractors, architects and other professionals.

Do you work on remodeling projects or new construction?
We handle both new construction and remodeling projects. In regards to remodeling, we are able to handle any size or scope of project. As licensed general contractors, we are well-versed in home remodeling especially items such as moving plumbing, adding or deleting electrical lighting, switches, etc., moving or building walls or soffits, modifying mechanical components, drywall work, or flooring. We can remodel just one room or an entire home or condo. It is usually advantageous for a homeowner to work with one company for an entire remodel. We know your preferences, tastes and your schedule and can apply that to the entire project seamlessly.

How much does a new kitchen/bath cost?
As you might imagine, there is a wide range of pricing for kitchen cabinetry and bath cabinetry projects. The final cost will be determined by many factors such as the size of the space, the extent of construction and/or mechanical elements, the type and quality of the cabinets, appliances, countertops, fixtures, fittings and other finished materials such as flooring, lighting, etc. Our products generally price from the mid-range to the upper end of the price (and design) spectrum. These quality offerings minimize product-related headaches and allow us to focus on extraordinary design, impeccable installation and excellent customer service. If you bring a photograph of your kitchen, we are generally able to give you a "ballpark" estimate to start.

What if the cost is out of my budget?
We know remodeling is expensive. Budgets are set to minimize stress and to allow the owner financial control over the project. With that being said, we will be honest with you and let you know whether your budget is realistic for the project you wish to undertake. We also have creative ways to cut the project cost down that you may not have thought of. We also have financing available in certain situations that help homeowners afford the project they want when their budget is tight. No one likes to discuss budgets or finances; however, it is a very real component of what we do. If you can communicate with us what you want to achieve and what your realistic budget is, we can help you sort out your attainable design.

Do you give free estimates?
Estimates are always free. If you have a floor plan for your project, a blueprint, sketch or even an idea of the size of the space, a member of our sales staff can give you a calculated estimate of what custom cabinet costs might be in a range of different products. We also have a measuring guide for you to take home if you wish. We can also come out and measure and draw up a basic plan for you to receive an estimate.

Is there a charge for kitchen design services?
Custom design is one of our biggest strengths, but we do not sell plans. We sell completed projects. After reviewing our products and initial "ballpark estimate", and you have decided to work with our company, we prepare a design retainer agreement to begin the design and selection process. A thorough survey of your needs as well as a review of the proposed plan or existing job site conditions, allows us to design a project unique to you, your family and your needs. This allows the client to get more extensive detailing or have the ability to share our plans with others. This simply allows us to devote the additional time necessary to fully develop a design idea and modify the drawings and pricing as often as required to fully meet with your approval. All design retainer funds are credited directly toward the final price of your contract.

Do you provide countertops?
We do sell and install just countertops and we do offer a variety of countertop materials for our projects. We can provide and install butcher block, solid surfacing, granite, marble, stone, engineered stone and plastic laminate. Our fabricators are the very best in the business, creating quality countertops with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. We provide custom, quality-manufactured countertops that are in the higher range of price and craftsmanship.

Are your kitchen and bathroom designs more traditional or contemporary?
We do both. While we do have a reputation for traditional and transitional kitchen designs, we are also well known for our phenomenal contemporary kitchen designs. All of our designers are well versed in a variety of styles. No matter what your style is, we'll work with you to create the look that you want.

I've seen so many things I like; I don't know what I want. Where do I start?
Looking through model homes, books and magazines can be very helpful and very confusing. An idea book on Houzz is a great way to start or you could start a board on Pinterest. Even with some organized ideas, you'll have questions. What design trends have staying power? Will you really use this intriguing accessory? How do I know I have what I'll need in the final design? Our designers can help you sort through the various options and help identify those elements that appeal to you. They will help you come up with solutions and a unique plan that incorporates the features and look that best suits you, your budget, your family and lifestyle.

What is Universal Design?
You may have heard terms like "universal design" and "aging in place." These are emerging design trends that encourage all of us to take into account the needs of all the people who use a space throughout a lifespan. Simple things like multiple lighting levels allow us to modify the illumination for specific tasks, ambiance or differing visual acuity. Multiple countertop heights in the kitchen offer comfort and convenience to users of various heights, or seated users. An attractive grab bar in the bath/shower increases the safety of all users including, perhaps especially, children. In short, we can design attractive, functional spaces that not only accommodate and adapt to temporary or permanent physical challenges, but make all of our lives easier, safer and more convenient.

Do you make built-in furniture?
We custom design and fabricate all kinds of built-in furniture. We do banquettes, home offices, dining rooms and wall units of all types- home theaters and entertainment centers, libraries, etc. We can also make unique freestanding pieces such as specialty pieces with remote controlled TV lifts. We have unique color matching capabilities to any of your existing furniture as well.

What kind of showroom do you have?
Our fabulous showroom features dozens of different displays of kitchens, baths and custom furniture in many different styles. You can take a virtual tour of the showroom here. We maintain an extensive resource library of different door samples, finishes, countertop materials, etc. We keep our showroom current with the newest and most exciting products to inspire your imagination.

Do you do outdoor kitchens?
Yes, we can. There are a few lines of cabinetry specifically designed for outdoor applications. We also fabricate cabinetry for outdoor kitchens, bars and entertainment areas utilizing marine grade plywood, stainless steel hardware and fasteners, durable, weather resistant wood species and finishes. Outdoor kitchens can also be done in concrete block for a lifetime of durability.

Are you familiar with Quartz Surfaces used for counter tops?
Yes, we are very familiar with Quartz Surfaces. There are many brands of Quartz Surfaces. We have tried a number of them and have found Cambria to be the best we have tried. These Quartz Surfaces are similar in quality and price, but they all have different colors and patterns. We have the largest full sample selection of Cambria available in our showroom in the tri-county area.

Do you get involved in kitchen/bathroom remodeling projects?
Yes we do. We are constantly involved in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling projects of all sizes and styles. Many of our clients love their homes, but want to update their homes. We can help you with both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Our design staff will help you with a kitchen design or bathroom design as part of the process. We become very involved in the kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project, from start to finish.

What is the difference between kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets?
The main difference between kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets is size. Kitchen cabinets typically have a 24? depth and bathroom cabinets are usually 21? deep. While bathroom cabinets used to be 4-6? shorter than kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets are now available and preferred by most in the same height as kitchen cabinets.

Is remodeling cheaper than moving?
Many times, remodeling is cheaper than moving if you compare your remodel project to moving into a home with all of the amenities you want to add. Remodeling allows you to get exactly what you want without the added expense of current sales prices and property tax rates for a new home. If you've been in your home for a quite a few years, there is a large difference in taxes for homes just sold vs. your home. When you figure this increase over the expected years in your home, remodeling almost always makes for a better financial decision. It is also easier and less stressful than moving when you have a professional handling your project.

Is remodeling a good investment?
Kitchen and bathrooms are still at the top of the list for financial return on improvements made in a home. They are the two most used rooms in any home and normally where a builder will splurge to make the home sell. When buyers are shopping around, those are the same qualities they want in their new home, too. If a remodel is done tastefully and professionally, buyers will see and appreciate that and handle their negotiations in the same manner. If the home has patched together renovation, a buyer will have less respect for the owner and it will show in his negotiations.